Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Guest speakers that visited east timor

Two people visited to East Timor, It is only 1 hour away from Darwin. In 1875 Indonesia took over East Timor then they left in 1999. All stuff coming into East Timor comes into one port. East Timor has only reasently made their language Portuguese, there local language is tetun. Australian troops are in East Timor to keep peace.
The locals call Foreigners malla, this means white person. There are a lot of Lovely beaches in East Timor, there are always packed. The two people stayed there with a family of missionaries from Brazil and they spoke Portuguese. The chief of village controls everything that happens in the village, main project for him is to get water down from the mountain.
A Lady they stayed with was teaching English in the local school. The missionaries are fully supported by the people they were sent by. The education in East Timor is very primitive. Kids don’t have to go to school; they will be at home or on the streets if they do not go. Two kids that they stayed with know 3 languages Portuguese tetun and English.
It is pretty challenging for foreigners in East Timor there are not many family leisure activities and hardly any electricity. The two people were using a scooter to get around. There Scooter only cost $2:50 to fill up. American dollar is the currency in East Timor.
In 2006 there was a terrible civil rights lots of people were massacred. East Timor went to a big mess after Indonesia left. A store was set up there especially for missionaries, you would never see a Timorese in their prices are too high. Router towers are set up over East Timor for broadband internet. People in East Timor generally don’t get to see or have a phone. The universities in East Timor have much less standard then year tens in Australia.
The Xo is used to teach kids and allows them to access the internet. An American missionary taught a local person called sentus how to teach English and sentus now has a job as the interpreter for the Australian troops in East Timor. The missionaries discussed whether the students of East Timor’s schools should be allowed to have the Xo and if they were allowed to take them to their home. Schools don’t have any stationary or paper, teachers just talk and the students only listen.
Churches have only just been introduced to East Timor and are run in their local language. The two people went to visit a town called Bow Pow. On their way there they saw locals planting rice, they also saw an abandoned Red Cross refuge hut which was taken up by the locals. They also went and saw a place called green pc which teaches locals how to fix up old and broken computers so they can sell them and make a business out of it, mosquito nets are everywhere in East Timor because of the fatal disease malaria.
Some places in East Timor only get to have electricity for three hours a day and sometimes they have random blackouts. They have no safety rules or insurance and no occupational health and safety in East Timor. Mobile phones are common in the city areas but they are expensive. They saw a man who loses income because half of his house was fire bombed and he can’t afford to fix it or get it demolished. Children are unable to afford to go to school. A Lady comes to a village to play games with the children and helps them learn, she also provides them with morning tea, and she makes sure that the children eat the food there because it may get taken off them by parents or older siblings if they take it home.
Massive downpours of rain just sinks into the ground because of the lack of cement this prevents flooding. Some of the Locals make homemade stairs to climb up trees, they have no safety harness, and they do sometimes fall and injure themselves. The two people visited someone that flies around the island to give medical aid to people who need it. They then charted a flight to the other side of the island. This flight only took 20 mins and it was comfortable for them. They Visited nuns that help local girls in their village learn about hospitality.


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