Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rating: **
The screen shot above is of a game on the operating system Sugar, called 'Super Brain'. When playing the game you can, change the amount of coloured dots, the more there are the harder it will be. Once you choose your prefered amount of dots, you have to guess what combination of coloured dots the computer has chosen, if you choose a colour that is the same to the computers but is not in the right spot a small white dot will appear in the right box, and if you choose the same colour and it is in the right spot a small black dot appears in right box, you have only a limited amount of tries to get the correct combination. When you get the right combination the game restarts.
The positive points i think the game has are:
Quick and easy to understand and to play
Different difficulties to choose from
And the negative points i think the game has are:
The lack of graphic quality
To repetitive
I lost interest in this game very quickly.
This activity helps to train your brain and memory


  1. You have covered most of the points quite well, (except for the target age suitability)

    The presentation of your blog post could improve though by paragraphing and the use of dot points

  2. very colourful picture mrJoe. i likes it. you are obviously very talented in this Sugar program. good work. good indeed.