Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Joel Stanley Is a student at the university of Adelaide and he is studying computer systems engineering. He first decided to study computer systems engineering when he was in year 10 he went on a tour of the University of Adelaide.

He stayed in America for 3 months and whilst he was there he got a pie oven off of eBay in America and they put the Xo’s in there and cooked them at 65 degrees Celsius, because that is how hot it can get in the son in Thailand, he studied this for 10 weeks. M.I.T stands for Massachusetts institute of technology, a lot of smart people come from there, and the guys that invented the game ‘Guitar Hero’ started there.

Joel’s favourite operating system is Linux because windows annoy him and that linux’s programs are free and you can’t get sued if you change them. Joel also studied the Xo and how much power its uses, just to make sure it isn’t wasting power and so the people in the 3rd world countries don’t have to charge it that often.

When they come off the factory line they only test about one in a thousand or one in ten thousand, the test usually breaks the Xo as well. Mary Lou had invented the screen for the Xo, and Richard smith had worked on the low level software, he is also the boss of Joel Stanley. Mary Lou was working on a project that could project images of adverts on the moon, but it never got made.

Joel went to Romania for a weekend and he did a talk about the Xo in front of a class of students and there were some Romanian politicians, who are thinking about getting the Xo for their country Joel Stanley had to teach to 10 year old and an 8 year old how to pull about a Xo and put it back together again, they eventually worked it out and did it. It takes about 30mins for a ten year old and an eight year old to take a part and put a Xo back together, it takes Joel less than 5 mins to do it

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